Who is Alchemy Foods?

A team of passionate and driven people who believe in working with nature and science to create healthier and better food for you. 

Our Mission

To transform the way we eat through our knowledge of food science and biochemistry, turning daily carbohydrates into healthier food without changing our diet.  

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Our Story

How can you get more out of your favourite food? Our co-founders, Alan and Verleen, reveal what led them to the discovery of Alchemy Fibre™ and the creation of Alchemy Foods. 

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Alchemy in The News

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CNA Luxury

The Singaporeans making rice and noodles healthier, but just as delicious 

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Our Research

We work closely with endocrinologists, nutritionists and chefs to innovate what we eat. Pushing the boundaries of healthy food ” is a part of each day at Alchemy Foods and we pride ourselves in maintaining the taste, texture and appearance of your favourite meals each time.

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To learn more about our research on Alchemy Fibre™️, download a free copy of our white paper by filling in your details below.