Introducing: Alchemy Fibre™

Making your favourite carbs healthier and better. 

The Nutrition You Deserve 

Alchemy Fibre™ is a patented powder blend of plant-based ingredients and a slowly digestible carbohydrate you can add to carb-based food during preparation. High in dietary fibre and containing prebiotics, every serving lowers glucose release and boosts your immunity.

Available in various powdered blends, Alchemy Fibre™ is easy to add to rice, noodles, bread and even steamed buns before cooking. 

Alchemy Fibre™ does not change the taste, texture or appearance of your food. Start turning your favourite carbs into better, healthier options today.


The Nutrition You Deserve 

Alchemy Fibre™ slows down carbohydrate digestion and moderates your blood glucose levels at the same time. With prebiotic fibre, it strengthens gut health and boosts immunity too. It will not only prevent a food coma’ but help fight diabetes as well. Alchemy Fibre™ does not change the taste, texture or appearance of food. Start turning your favourite carbs into better, healthier options today! 

How Healthy are Singaporeans?

Around 11% of the Singapore population suffer from diabetes, with this figure growing every year. It is projected that nearly one million people in Singapore will have diabetes by 2050, with the largest contributor being type 2 diabetes.

Almost 33% of our population are overweight, which puts them at risk of diseases such as obesity and diabetes.

Both type 2 diabetes and obesity are often the result of a poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle. To prevent both, it is important to eat healthy to manage blood glucose levels and maintain a healthy weight.


Many Singaporeans are not consuming enough dietary fibre. The Singapore Health Promotion Board recommends a daily dietary fibre intake of 26g for men and 20g for women. 

Key Benefits of Alchemy Fibre™

100% Plant-Based Ingredients
Backed by Science
Higher in Fibre
for a Healthier Gut
Slow Release Carbohydrate
Say Goodbye to Food Coma
Contains Prebiotics
to Improve Immunity

Make Healthy a Habit

Here is how Alchemy Fibre™ can help you to achieve a balanced diet through your everyday carbs:

Making Carbs Healthier

Cutting out carbs is not recommended in the long run in any diet. Even in diabetes management, eating carbs in moderation is a part of a balanced diet to ensure that your body has enough energy. Healthcare professionals recommend that carbs form around 50% of a daily diet. A lack of carbs in your diet may lead to low blood sugar levels. ​

Alchemy Fibre™ makes refined carbs like white rice and white bread healthier, but just as tasty.

Slow Release Carbohydrate

  • Slowly digestible carbohydrates moderate blood glucose levels by gradually releasing glucose into the bloodstream after consumption. It is important to control blood sugar levels to prevent spikes in blood sugar levels which leads to type 2 diabetes. Slowing down the digestion of carbohydrates not only avoids a ‘food coma’ but prevents and manages diabetes as well. 

Higher in Fibre 

  • Studies show that dietary fibres are important in promoting good gut health, and reducing the risk of health problems such as type 2 diabetes, heart attack and stroke. Increasing fibre intake also helps to keep weight, blood pressure and cholesterol levels down.
  • Prebiotic fibre, a type of dietary fibre, aids in regulating blood glucose and supporting an anti-inflammatory gut, boosting overall immunity. 
  • Fibre in rice provides satiety for a healthy meal if eaten with side dishes packed with nutrients

Did You Know?

Alchemy Fibre™ increases the fibre content of food by at least 3 times! 


3.3 Times
Fibre Than
Plain White Flour


5.5 Times
Fibre Than
Regular Noodles


10 Times
Fibre Than
White Jasmine Rice

How Does Alchemy Fibre™ Work?

The Science Behind Alchemy Fibre™

We research various plant ingredients to study their effects on starch digestibility and glucose release, including how they affect the taste, texture and colour of food. Alchemy FibreTM has been developed through our food technology and innovation, and has different blends for various food types.

From human clinical studies to lab digestion studies, Alchemy FibreTM has been proven to lower the digestion rate and glucose release levels of carb-based food. Their sensory properties have also been found to be maintained.

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*Glycemic index (GI) is a measure of how fast carbohydrates (e.g white rice, white bread), increase blood glucose levels after consuming food. The higher the GI of a food, the faster it will spike the blood glucose level. 

Key Benefits of Alchemy Fibre™

100% plant based ingredients
100% Plant-based Ingredients, Backed By Science
Boost Immunity
Contains Prebiotics For Improved Immunity
Lower Glucose Release
Slowly-Digestible Carbs For Healthier Blood Sugar
High in Fibre
Higher Fibre Than Refined Carbs

Alchemy Fibre™ for Rice

Alchemy Fibre provides 3x more fibre content than brown rice and makes your rice digest as slowly too, all while maintaining the soft and fluffy texture of white rice which we love. High levels of prebiotic fibre also give your immunity and gut health a boost.

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Alchemy Flour

A great substitute for plain flour or all-purpose flour, Alchemy Flour contains 20% Alchemy Fibre™ and 80% plain flour. A high source of dietary fibre, Alchemy Flour gives you the same goodness as wholegrain flour.

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Alchemy Premixes

Made with Alchemy Fibre™, every Alchemy Baking Premix contains no added sugar and is cholesterol-free. You can now easily create guilt-free healthy snacks for your family!

Available in Brownie, Cookie, Pancake and Muffin Premixes.

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