If you love heritage cuisines such as Hainanese-style Western delights, Nyonya dishes and local favourites with a fusion twist, then you are in for a treat at Colonial Club Signatures.

Colonial Club Signatures offers a wide selection of elevated Singaporean favouriteswhile injecting both Eastern and Western influences into their dishes. Every dish allows you to dig in to a piece of the unique Singaporean culinary heritage and cultureThey are now serving their signature dishes with rice that are made healthier with Alchemy Fibre. From their instagram-worthy Colonial Club Signature Nasi Lemak Tower with blue pea flower coconut rice to the quintessential Hainanese Chicken Rice, each bite comes with the benefits of slower glucose release and 2.5x more fibre content than brown rice, providing a boost to your gut health and overall immunity.   


Made healthier with Alchemy Fibre™️

Enjoy healthier versions of your delicious local favourites at Colonial Club Signatures : 

📍 290 Orchard Road, B1-43 Paragon Shopping Centre, Singapore 238859


Signature Nasi Lemak Tower with Alchemy Fibre™

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Hainanese Chicken Rice with Alchemy Fibre™

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Nasi Lemak with Alchemy Fibre™

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Level up your white rice with just 1 scoop of Alchemy Fibre™ to boost the rice’s fibre content with beneficial prebiotics and slow down the digestion rate to that of brown rice.

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