Shinkansen offers Japanese-styled protein bowls that can be customised with their range of toppings. With a selection of proteins such as salmon sashimi, yakiniku rib steak, and spicy miso tofu, you will be able to create your own protein meal that is not only delicious, but also one that fits your dietary preferences.  

Their signature brown rice menu items such as the Shinkansen brown rice sushi rice mix and the Omega-3 Protein Bowls are now even healthier with Alchemy Fibre! 

Visit Shinkansen for healthier Japanese-styled protein bowls today: 

📍 5 Straits View, B2-47 Marina One, 018935

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Level up your white rice with just 1 scoop of Alchemy Fibre™ to boost the rice’s fibre content with beneficial prebiotics and slow down the digestion rate to that of brown rice.

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