Wheat Baumkuchen is no stranger to most, they are known for their hearty grain and salad bowls with multiple outlets island wide. However, did you know that they started out as a cake shop selling baumkuchen (a ring-shaped German cake that’s also popular in Japan)? To diversify the menu, they started serving soba on the side shortly after which is a well-loved menu by their customers.

They are priced affordably with sizeable portions, making a name for themselves as a go-to choice for many white collared workers in the CBD. Some of their customer favourites include Bull Run, Penguin, Salmon Soba and many more. Not only are the names of their menu unique, their colourful “Blossom” and “Earth” rice bowls are now made with Alchemy Fibre™! Each rice bowl is a feast for the eyes and stomach, so make sure to order them the next time you visit Wheat for some delicious and filling healthy meals. 

Enjoy healthier rice bowls at all Wheat outlets today or visit:

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