Alchemy Fibre™ lowers blood glucose and boosts immunity 

Eating healthy just got easier! And if you’re a carb lover, this is greater news, because we’re transforming your sinful ‘bad’ carbs into healthier options. Introducing Alchemy Fibre™, a slowly-digestible carbohydrate that is high in dietary fibre and contains prebiotics. Alchemy Fibre™ consists of a patented blend of 100% plant-based ingredients, such as corn, peas and tapioca, so it is vegan-friendly. When added to carb foods such as white rice, bread and noodles, Alchemy Fibre™ lowers your glucose release levels by slowing down the digestion of carbs, while raising their overall dietary fibre content without changing the food’s taste and texture.

Incorporating Alchemy Fibre™ lowers the glycemic index (GI) of carbs (especially refined carbs) that you eat, and this is great for the prevention and management of diabetes. A food’s GI indicates how quickly and how much it raises your blood glucose level after eating. This is affected by factors such as portion sizes, cooking time, whether it is eaten on its own or with other foods, and whether it has been processed or not.

Low to medium-GI foods such as brown rice, fruits and leafy vegetables are digested more slowly, leading to slower spikes in blood sugar levels. Foods with high-GI such as white rice and white bread are quickly digested, which leads to a rapid rise in glucose levels, which then circulates in the bloodstream. Lowering GI of foods can moderate your blood glucose levels after meals, which is what Alchemy Fibre™ helps with. It also helps you to sustain your energy after meals to help prevent that dreaded ‘food coma’. Alchemy Fibre™ is also high in prebiotic fibres, which help you to improve gut and heart health, together with a boost in general immunity.

The first of our series of Alchemy Fibre™ products is Alchemy Fibre™ for Rice, which you can add to your white rice before cooking to make it healthier with just one step. Other mixtures will also be available soon, including an all-purpose flour blend, as well as premixes for baking.  

Making white rice as good as brown rice 

Working from home also means having more time to cook at home. Alchemy Fibre™ for Rice helps you to become a healthier home cook by making your white rice as good as brown rice. Alchemy Fibre™ for Rice helps consumers like Mdm Deng prepare healthier meals for the family, satisfying their love for white rice without sacrificing their health.  

“My husband and I are getting on in age, and my husband is also pre-diabetic with high cholesterol. In recent years, I began incorporating organic brown rice into our plain white rice, to prevent my husband’s blood sugar levels spiking after meals. And while I enjoy the taste and texture of brown rice, my daughter and husband find it too dry and rough. My husband also has some gastric issues, and brown rice is harder to digest. When I added Alchemy Fibre™ to my short grain white rice, it tastes exactly the same as plain white rice and the family loves it. In fact, the texture is better – a bit fluffier with more bounce. It is also so easy – I just add a tablespoon of Alchemy Fibre™ to my uncooked rice and the rest of the process is the same,” said Mdm Deng Xin Lei, 62 years old. 

Check out our recipe blog to see what we’re cooking with Alchemy Fibre™ for Rice 

Helping diabetic patients keep their blood glucose in control and healthy individuals to increase their fibre levels 

As a certified nutritionist, Charlotte Mei has noticed that many Singaporeans are not consuming enough fibre in their diets and struggle to do so, due to food preferences, habits and inaccessibility to healthy food. As she is interested in finding new ways to improve gut health as well as increase fibre levels in one’s diet, Charlotte was keen to try out Alchemy Fibre 

“I find that Alchemy Fibrepresents an easy and straight-forward way for people to increase the amount of fibre in their diet, without changing the taste or texture of their food. This can help to control issues such as diabetes and high cholesterol. I also see Alchemy Fibre playing a useful role in helping diabetics and pre-diabetics keep their blood sugar levels low, especially when consuming low-fibre carbohydrates. That said, it is important for them to note that this doesn’t give them the license to eat more refined carbohydrates! For healthy individuals, Alchemy Fibre is a great addition to their meals, in order to increase overall amounts of fibre in their diet without any complicated steps added to the cooking process,” said Charlotte Mei.  

Your next meal: Healthier versions made with Alchemy Fibre™   

Eating brown rice is healthier than white rice, most of us are familiar with this. However, switching to healthier options is hard, because most of us prefer the taste and texture of soft and fluffy white rice. We want to solve this problem to make your comfort food better by partnering with restaurants and food companies to serve healthier food made with Alchemy Fibre™. Our growing list of F&B partners are here to make your favourites healthier, and we’re working to partner with more brands, so you can eat healthier when you’re outWith a growing interest in healthy eating, our pioneering F&B partners are now offering healthier alternatives of heritage dishes, like chicken rice, duck rice, bak kut teh and congee

We’ve also heard from our partners that Alchemy Fibre™ is improving their signature dishes  white rice is fluffier, and when used in congee, the texture becomes smoother and silkier. 

Boon Tong Kee: Game-changing healthier chicken rice! 

A household name among Singaporeans, Boon Tong Kee has made the move towards healthier meals by preparing its traditional chicken rice with Alchemy Fibre™.They began experimenting using Alchemy Fibre™ in their rice in February 2020, and they have since not looked back. This is to address the trend of customers demanding healthier food.  

“The health and wellness of our customers always come first for us. Unfortunately, chicken rice is usually thought of as being unhealthy. At Boon Tong Kee, we aim to challenge this perception. We already started making deliberate changes in our recipe, such as switching to a healthier, less greasy type of oil. By using Alchemy Fibre™, we will continue our efforts to dispel this negative perception. In addition to making our dish healthier, this product maintains the same quality of our signature dish, that our customers of all ages know and love,” said Wong Soon Hock, Director of Operations, Boon Tong Kee 

Yum Cha: Smoother and silkier congee, healthier crowd-favourite dim sum dishes 

Yum Cha provides its customers with an authentic dim sum dining experience. During the weekdays, they see many families, including elderly and young customers, while on weekdays they cater mainly to the office crowd. “There has been a rising health trend amongst our customers, especially due to the rising prevalence of diabetes. In particular, some have indicated they would cut back on carbohydrate-heavy food.

As such, we found Alchemy Fibre™ to be the ideal solution – it lowers blood glucose release, without compromising on the taste. In fact, our Head Chef mentioned that after using Alchemy Fibre™ in our congee, it turned out smoother and silkier, which was a pleasant surprise. This is incredibly important, as customer satisfaction is our top priority. And while we do want to create healthier dishes, we are also mindful that Yum Cha offers an authentic dim sum dining experience, meaning dishes with the best taste! We are also incorporating Alchemy Fibre into a range of our customers’ favourite dim sum dishes and are very excited to be one of the first restaurants to offer healthier dim sum options,” said Melody TanDeputy Director Yum Cha. 

Eat Healthier Today 

Alchemy Fibre for Rice is now available for sale in two pack sizes, 250g and 700g on our website, and on e-commerce sites such as Shopee and Lazada.