Serving Healthier: Heritage Delicacies Made Healthier

Preserving taste and heritage

Have you tasted the rainbow? We have, and it tastes in-kueh-dible!

With a delicious variety of handmade traditional confectioneries including their signature Rainbow Lapis, Seri Kaya and award-winning Pandan Chiffon Cake, Cooking Art Industries continues to serve its customers delicacies that are enjoyed by all. Kueh-making is a form of art, and behind every piece of kueh (and cake) from is countless hours spent on researching and perfecting the family recipes passed down for generations. The result is heritage handmade confectioneries with unrivalled quality. What started out as simple snacks in the 90s, Cooking Art Industries has turned kuehs and confections into elaborate heritage delicacies loved by all.

Together with the conception of Rainbow Lapis their retail arm, Cooking Art Industries continues to pursue their goal of preserving and celebrating Singapore’s heritage craft while cultivating an appreciation for our heritage delicacies.

Made healthier with Alchemy Fibre™️

Apart from serving heritage delicacies, Cooking Art Industries is also devoted to serving their customers healthier confectioneries. That is why they made a strategic move to incorporate Alchemy Fibre™ into their Rainbow Lapis, Seri Kaya and Pandan Chiffon Cake recipes to protect the health of their customers, both old and new. A patented blend of plant-based ingredients in powder form, Alchemy Fibre is a slowly-digestible carbohydrate which can be added to carb-based food during preparation. It moderates blood glucose levels, and contains prebiotics and high dietary fibre, providing a boost to gut health and overall immunityHealthier kuehs and cakes with the same great taste and texture mean that fans can enjoy their favourites without the compromise.  

From traditional Nonya kuehs to sweet and savoury bite-sized treats made with enduring tradition, Cooking Art Industries confectioneries are sold at Rainbow Lapis’ outlets. 

Visit Rainbow Lapis to find out more about their unique heritage delicacies, now made healthier for you!  

Retailed at these Rainbow Lapis outlets: 

📍  Clifford Centre Basement Food Emporium
📍  People’s Park Centre, Level 1 Atrium, Opposite #01-26, Singapore 058357 


*Glycemic index (GI) is a measure of how fast carbohydrates (e.g white rice, white bread), increase blood glucose levels after consuming food. The higher the GI of a food, the faster it will spike the blood glucose level. 

Key Benefits of Alchemy Fibre™

100% plant based ingredients
100% Plant-based Ingredients, Backed By Science
Boost Immunity
Contains Prebiotics For Improved Immunity
Lower Glucose Release
Slowly-Digestible Carbs For Healthier Blood Sugar
High in Fibre
Higher Fibre Than Refined Carbs

Rainbow Lapis with Alchemy Fibre™

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Seri Kaya with Alchemy Fibre™

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Pandan Chiffon with Alchemy Fibre™

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Try Alchemy Fibre™ at home now!

Level up your white rice with just 1 scoop of Alchemy Fibre™ to boost your rice’s fibre content with beneficial prebiotics and slow down the digestion rate of your white rice to that similar to brown rice.

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