Wholesome vegetarian cuisine

The concept of Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant started in 2003 with a dream of Ms Rebecca Lee, who had a burning passion for handcrafting vegetarian dishes. Ms Lee got into researching and trying out different vegetarian dishes after seeing the lack of vegetarian alternatives in the buffet industry. Soon after, Lotus Vegetarian was born– a place where food-lovers can nourish themselves with flavourful and wholesome vegetarian cuisines. To date, Ms Lee has curated over 100 Asian cuisines to spread the joy of a healthy meat-free diet to all her customers.

At Lotus Vegetarian, meat-free dishes are injected with a new meaning so they can serve their customers the best. Their finest cuisines begin with the meticulous step of sourcing for natural, fresh ingredients and churning homemade sauces. They also constantly innovate their menu items, combining constitution-boosting herbs and greens to create new aromatic blends for every dish.

Made healthier with Alchemy Fibre™️

From their hearts to your plate, every dish from Lotus Vegetarian is lovingly prepared by their team of chefs with their unwavering dedication in perfecting each dish. They are serving healthier rice-based bento sets by incorporating Alchemy Fibre into riceA patented blend of plant-based ingredients in powder form, Alchemy Fibre™ is a slowly-digestible carbohydrate which can be added to carb-based food during preparation. It moderates blood glucose levels and with 3x more fibre content than brown rice, white rice becomes just as healthy, providing a boost to your gut health and overall immunity. Each bento set is now better and more nutritious so you can enjoy healthier meals made with the best ingredients. 

Visit Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant to try their signature premium vegetarian bentos that are made with Alchemy Fibre. 


*Glycemic index (GI) is a measure of how fast carbohydrates (e.g white rice, white bread), increase blood glucose levels after consuming food. The higher the GI of a food, the faster it will spike the blood glucose level. 

Key Benefits of Alchemy Fibre™

100% plant based ingredients
100% Plant-based Ingredients, Backed By Science
Boost Immunity
Contains Prebiotics For Improved Immunity
Lower Glucose Release
Slowly-Digestible Carbs For Healthier Blood Sugar
High in Fibre
Higher Fibre Than Refined Carbs

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