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What is Alchemy Fibre™?

A patented powder blend of plant-based ingredients, Alchemy Fibre™ is a slowly digestible carbohydrate you can add to carb-based food during preparation. High in dietary fibre and containing prebiotics, every serving lowers glucose release and boosts your immunity.

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Key Benefits of Alchemy Fibre™

100% plant based ingredients
100% Plant-Based Ingredients
Backed by Science
High in Fibre
Higher in Fibre
For a Healthier Gut
Lower Glucose Release
Slow Release Carbohydrate
Say Goodbye to Food Coma
Boost Immunity
Contains Prebiotics
to Improve Immunity

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Singapore Government

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Alchemy Fibre™ for Rice

Alchemy FibreTM provides 3x more fibre content than brown rice and makes your rice digest as slowly too, all while maintaining the soft and fluffy texture of white rice which we love. High levels of prebiotic fibre also give your immunity and gut health a boost.

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Alchemy Flour

A great substitute for plain flour or all-purpose flour, Alchemy Flour contains 20% Alchemy FibreTM and 80% plain flour. A high source of dietary fibre, Alchemy Flour gives you the same goodness as wholegrain flour.

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Alchemy Premixes

Made with Alchemy FibreTM, every Alchemy Baking Premix contains no added sugar and is cholesterol-free. You can now easily create guilt-free healthy snacks for your family!

Available in Brownie, Cookie, Pancake and Muffin Premixes.

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Where can I find Alchemy Fibre™?

Take a step closer to better health today. Available at retail stores and our growing list of F&B partners.


Our fans recommend Alchemy Fibre™. Read on to find out why! 

Charlotte Mei, Nutritionist (ANutr)

“Many people in Singapore are not consuming enough fibre in their diet, and struggle to do so due to food preferences, habits, or inaccessibility. I find that Alchemy Fibre™  presents an easy and straightforward way to increase the amount of fibre in one’s diet, without a change of taste or texture, thereby helping with issues such as diabetes and high cholesterol. ”

Sam Wu

“Guys — what if I tell you that there is a way to make your rice “healthier”, in the sense that the Glycaemic Index level can be reduced (which is critical for people with diabetes), without affecting the taste of the rice? BEST, RIGHT?!? 👍😍 Alchemy Fibre™ . A patented blend of plant-based ingredients, it lowers glucose release levels and adds more fibre too. Simply add it to the rice before cooking it, and voila. There you go. 😍


“If you’re like me, you probably love white rice more than brown rice. But now there is a solution to increase the fibre in your white rice! I added Alchemy fibre™ , which is 100% plant based to boost the fibre in my rice! Just add it to your rice cooker and cook as you usually would. Alchemy fibre™  is also high in prebiotic to boost your immunity! … And here I’m enjoying this high fibre rice with my favourite homemade curry peng 🍛”